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CHALMORE LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS is committed to the continuously improvement of the quality of our services to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our customers. CHALMORE LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS offers an integrated management system of quality based on the UNE - EN - ISO 9001:2008. The Management of CHALMORE LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS is committed to meet and communicate the following values and commitments: The promotion of internal processes and code of good practice to professionally meet the customer's requirements, and to the fulfillment of the law and external and internal regulations The delivery of its services carried out by a staff of highly trained professionals and with the most appropriate technical means. To the assignment of roles and responsibilities to its staff members and to the encouragement of professional development and responsibilities. The promotion of a culture that allows anticipating the needs of our customers, with the objective to exceed their expectations. The continuous upgrade of our processes in order to increase the quality of our services and improve our methods of operation. Quality is a commitment and responsibility of the whole staff of Chalmore Language Solutions. They are committed to participate actively in the maintenance and continuous improvement of our quality management system. The Management is committed to dispose of the necessary human resources and material means to meet the requirements of the activities carried out, to meet the objectives and to continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system. The QMS policy is under continuous control for its ongoing improvement; and is properly communicated to all staff members for its fulfillment. The Management of CHALMORE LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS, June, 15th 2015.
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