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Over the last decade, globalization has resulted in a pressing need to be able to communicate in English. Given the lack of instruments to develop a Global Language Program that could establish goals and measure results, human resources have relied on ad hoc based results that are too broad and general, and are one-time and/or individual arrangements. Chalmore, with its years of experience, has developed The Company Language Analysis, a tool that objectively measures the needs of the company (Company Language Need) and the linguistic profile that it currently displays (Company Language Profile). The Company Language Analysis takes a large number of variables into account. These include: the client’s location, the company’s suppliers, headquarters, corporate image, product, services offered, communication, web page, expansion plans, etc. These variables determine whether the Language Profile (CLP, A, B, C or D) that the company currently displays is in harmony with the Language Profile the company actually needs. If there is an imbalance, the goal of the language training plan will be to create the best path possible in order to synchronise the current profile with the current needs of the company. This approach is called the Company Action Plan.
 The Company Language Action Plan that Chalmore recommends will be a realistic and focused training plan with measurable results obtained through The Double Feedback Loop (see section “double feedback loop”). Company Language Profile Certificate Based on the Company Language Analysis, Chalmore awards three different types of certificates. These certificates allow a company’s corporate surroundings (it’s clients, suppliers, etc.), to determine immediately, directly and objectively how the company has prepared itself in the face of linguistic and cultural barriers in just one click.
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